Images Being Deleted When I Star Rate Them!

I am on win 10 Pro DXO PL 3.2.0, build 3244, Elite edition. The images are NEF files from a Nikon D850.

In Customize, full screen view, when I click on the Star Rating using my wireless mouse on my laptop, the star is not applied. And the image is automatically deleted. Making matter worse, the deleted images are not in my Recycle Bin.

When I apply the Star, the screen goes black for a very short time and the next image appears on the screen.

What do I have to do to avoid this problem?

Reinstall DXO PL3? Download it again?



I am on Build 4344.

just off hand, do you have a filter on your PhotoLibrary? It almost sounds like rating them removes them from view, it wouldn’t delete without confirmation.

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I went to Win file explorer and checked the file folder I was working on. The NEF files were still there.

I turned off my laptop and rebooted. When I loaded DXO PL 3, the images I thought were deleted are there now with the rating I had applied. Not sure if this is a fix or not.


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Thanks for that comment .

I do have that Filter icon. Perhaps I did not have checkmarks next to all applicable categories as that might be the source of why those images did not show up.

When I rebooted and reloaded DXO PL does that Filter get automatically set to Reset? Maybe it did get reset and that is why I can see the images.

This is the first time I had this issue. I have been on the software for about two months now.


Hello @Photoman43,

I agree with @Roguemd - it looks like your images have just been filtered out (taking into account that you confirmed they are still in the folders).

Svetlana G.