Imagebrowser scrollbar

I’ve PL installed on 2 pc’s. On one pc the image browser has a vertical scrollbar, on the other a horizontal scrollbar. I’ve been looking how I can change that, I just can’t find it. Anybody knows?
Win. PL 3.3 but also in the former edition.

On the one with the vertical scrollbar you probably have the image browser undocked. That is the only way I’m aware of that it could be vertical. If you want it to be docked and horizontal on the bottom of the screen you can use the Ctrl-U key combination in Windows to dock it. If on a Mac I’m guessing that it may be Cmd-U. It’s a toggle and will move the image browser back and forth between docked and undocked mode. If you want it undocked you can manually change the shape of the image browser with your mouse by dragging the edges to expand or contract its height and width. This way you can have a vertical or horizontal orientation. I hope this helps.


On a Mac, images scroll like this

Library View

  • Image Browser docked -> Scroll up/down :arrow_up_down:
  • Image Browser undocked -> Scroll up/down :arrow_up_down:

Customise View

  • Image Browser docked -> Scroll left/right :left_right_arrow:
  • Image Browser undocked -> Scroll up/down :arrow_up_down:

Docking/undocking is done with cmd-u, as Marc pointed out.

It’s like the Mac, for once. :grinning: