Image will not preview in Color Efex Pro4

No matter the settings, I can’t view the .ARW files in the filter preview. This is very frustrating. Any suggestions.

Hi, @killintime71, and welcome! If I understand correctly, you are using Color Efex Pro 4 but can only see TIFF and JPEG images using that program, right? This would be because the Nik Collection cannot directly open and adjust RAW files such as your Sony Alpha RAW files with extension .ARW.

Does that help?

I never edit JPG/TIFF file. I have never tested JPG/Tiff, and in prior versions I have always been able to preview what each filter looks like with Canon .RAW files. The .ARW files are being opened by PS, I am just looking for the preview on each filter which used to work.

Ah, I understand. So the problem seems to be in the interaction between PS & Nik.