Image scrambled in HDR Efex Pro 2

Hi all, I tried to search for this topic but couldn’t find a similar thread. Sometimes when I process an image in HDR Efex Pro (single image), the output is all pixelated and scrambled. If I revert the changes and process it again in HDR Efex Pro, the output is fine. Has anyone else experienced this?

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I have this issue too. It drives me bonkers! Tried the updates but nothing works. I’ve messaged DXO for a fix.

I have just spent two hours trying to resolve this same problem that I randomly get when post processing in this mode. Any answers, thoughts, ideas?

I just remembered that in some modules there was (could be) a problem with the GPU.

Try with checking / unchecking the GPU use, if that has an effect.

note – DFine, HDR 2 and Sharpener are not renewed yet

Good afternoon, I am experiencing the same problem. I use HDR Efex a lot and it is scrambling the image. Do you have plans to resolve this?

I occasionally have this problem (for the last couple of years, actually). It does have to do with the GPU for image processing. It was checked, then I unchecked it. Still scrambling, then I checked it back, and it worked. One would think they would have corrected this ongoing issue.

How Do I find " Use GPU for image processing"? It makes me crazy ! Thanks :wink:

Hi Monique – and welcome in this User Forum.

→ Nik Collection → HDR Efex Pro 2 → Settings → GPU
check out if it has an effect

(note – I’m on Windows)

I ran into the same problem big-time in v5 under various versions of macOS. Through trial and error I learned that images would process cleanly if I disabled the GPU in HDR Efex’ settings AND applied the plugin only to standard Photoshop layers and not smart objects.

The good news, though, is that under v6.3 these artifacts no longer appear under any scenario. Also, HDR Efex now runs blazingly fast on my Intel PowerBook but most especially on my M3 iMac. Good work, DxO!

Do you know how I fixed it? I use the same picture by HDR efex 2 ( merging multiple exposures) I uploaded 2 same pictures and then you got NO scrambled picture