Image rotation in Nik

I’m a new user of the Nik Collection within Affinity Photo. In Affinity I can rotate an image 90 or 180 deg. This is relevant with iPhone images where I often shoot them ‘upside-down’ (the external buttons for shutter operation fall better that way, also the lower lens position).

The rotated, right-side-up pixel layer in Affinity Photo is seen upside-down in Nik. Is there a way to rotate to get the correct orientation in Nik like there is in Affinity (and Photoshop for that matter)?

try Nik Perspective Efex as standalone (doesn’t work in AP)

No cropping, no rotation
I believe it is because Nik is a plug in.
Sometimes you would like to use it as a smart object or mask layer in Photoshop. Therefore no rotation or cropping