Image property panel and metadata palette : show virtual copy identification

When working on a virtual copy, the information panel does not give the virtual copy information.
A way to find out is to display the image browser; however, the information should be more obvious.

There’s an option (at least, there is in the Win version of PL) to display an “Image information overlay” … available from the “View” menu, or via Ctrl+H … and, currently, it’s not very informative at all; it simply lists the current image status, such as: “Correction preview”.

Suggestion: This could be extended to include the image name, including VC details … with the benefit that it can be hidden, for users who do not want the additional clutter on their screen.

John M

PS. Pierre, you can add your vote for this (top left) - I have used all mine.

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for me personal the hole exif, iptc, properties and editable image information can have a makeover.
One’s they fitted a DAM like system in there they committed also to a new form of information window for all kind of image’s, and also the virtual copy’s which adding additional information is vital for a good and clean database.

VC’s are now only filename identical and unique in a number. tiff’s created by sending to NIK can be renamed for identifying purposes.
i am a strong supporter for a VC rename/suffix and additional editable info box.
Like VC_1_ base for B&W convertion.raw
and a text block of few lines to explain or name the status.

Of coarse all need to be DataBase ánd XMP/dop-file saved. which is a other big changing task.

The best way the New DataBase can be is a form of preloader functionality to keep it small and swift.
so only the opened folder is loaded in the DB cach file.
So besides the indexing data of al pointed to folders only the full iptc/exif/properties/ additional data of the selected folder is direct accessible. and changing from folder to folder will activate a write to xmp/dop to update the data when leaving a folder and then loading the data of the present highlighted folder. a kind of Temp File system.
This means there is no cumulating bloating database building and building in one file that can be corrupted. only xmp and dopfiles side by side of the image’s.

Edit: i realize that the search function is depending on the iptc/exif data stored in the DB due indexing action. So some data needs to be in there at all time.
keywords and search words as aperture/iso/ shutterspeed/ lens/focal length.
Or the readspeed of dop and xmp is fast enough to be able to find the required info at reseonable time.