Image not updating after applying changes - RESOLVED (2.3.0 bld 38)

At first I thought it was me or my eyes, but now I’ve confirmed this.

On occasion, maybe 10%-20% of the time, when I make a change to an image, the change is not reflected in the window. The change can be any one of: application of a preset, turn on/turn off ClearView, slide a selective tone, and more. There does not appear to be any rhyme or reason to the changes that are not reflected.

I do see them when I move away from the image - to the next or previous image - and then return.

This is not consistent behavior, but it is happening. At one point today I thought I had missed a button (Clearview in this case), but then clicked it again, and nothing, and clicked it again, and nothing. But move away, then return – the change appeared.

Now that I know this is happening, I can keep a lookout for which changes seem to cause this most often.

How long do you wait for a change to apply? DPL is not really snappy on some computers. And some adjustments don‘t show unless zoom is set at or close to 100%. Clearview is not one of them and shows pretty quickly on my mac though…

I can’t really say how long but it is more than a few seconds, as I watch the screen and wait for a result that never arrives. In previous versions of PL2, it was fast enough to not be noticed. I almost always work at the view mode that fills the edit window; e.g. not 100%.

I would not even mention this if it wasn’t a departure from prior versions of PL2. Over the next few days as I plow through my many raw files, I will keep a record of any behavior in this regard, and report back.

PL2 2.2.2 build 31.

I have have seem something similar on my Windows 10 machine, but it happens very rarely. When it happens all the images in the folder I’m editing won’t accept edits, look a bit fuzzy, and the refresh icon only twirls for a fraction of a second when changing images. The only solution is to restart Photolab or change to a different folder and upon returning to the original folder the images respond as expected. I use PhotoLab almost everyday for the last 18 months. This has only occurred a few times in the last couple of months. I’m unable to force it to happen. I am using 2.2.2 for Windows.


Interesting Mark, I’ve never seen that. That suggests there may be a problem with PL2 updating its database and getting hung somewhere. Leaving the folder commits all of the edits to your sidecar files, and when you return, they are as you expected.

Late last night I had the idea there might be a cache problem here, so I cleared all the cache (which was 610MB out of 1GB) and set it to zero. That may fix the problem. We shall see!

My problem seems to be a little different than yours and, as I said, occurs very rarely. The thing in common is that the application of edits does not seem to be reflected in the image. Since it has occurred so rarely I can’t recall if those edits automatically show up after I’ve returned to the folder or if I have to reapply them.


I have never experienced the problem you describe - but that’s possibly because I delete my database on a regular basis … so, your suspicion (as above) could quite possibly be the cause.

Regards, John M

@RexBlock I have exactly the same symptoms you described. I have the latest PL2 version 2.2.2 build 31 running on Mac. This seems like a bug introduced in the latest update. Image is not updated, even though changes happen on widgets. This behaviour is random but happens frequently enough to be annoying. I will probably raise it as a bug if I can. Thanks for raising this. Let’s keep in touch.


I experienced this same issue with the latest version of PL2 running on Windows 10. When it occurs, I have to exit PL and rerun the app. The bug appears to have been introduced in the last release, as I never experienced the issue before that.

Yes, literally the same thing happens to me, too…

Still noticing this problem: Apply a preset, nothing happens. Move away from the image, return to it, the change appears.

I have the same problem, image is not updated after changes made as for example:

  • Color Rendering: Rendering
  • Tone Curve: Master setting
  • DxO Smart Lightning, small window in upper left corner sometimes is updated but not main window

This happens for me with every Nikon NEF-file I work on, you have to change back and forth until the change is shown.

This is a very annoying bug and must be taken care of!

iMac Retina 5K, 27-inch 2017, i7, 4.2 GHz, 16 GB RAM with macOS High Sierra 10.13.6

The problem seems to be resolved in 2.3.0 Build 38

For me, this problem is NOT resolved in 2.3.0 Build 38.
It is much less frequent, but has not totally disappeared.
Sometimes I only see the made change in the upper left small window but not in the large main window.
I am going to edit some images further on and will come back when (if) I see the issue again.

I’m still on PL1, but see a similar issue from time to time. Yesterday it occurred to me that if I still had the region selection for the denoise preview open then the main image did not update sometimes when changing sliders. After I closed the selection the updates were just normal.

I often forget to close the selection again. Perhaps that happens in your case, too?

Not sure what to say. I have not noticed it yet but I will keep an eye out for its recurrence. I thought performance overall had improved.

Now I have found changes in (same problem in former version) that quite often do not update the main window, but always are seen in the upper left small window and they are:

  • Color Rendering, when you manually change the rendering by selecting rendering in the list.
  • Tone Curve, when you change Gamma up or down.

I get an update of the main window if I do each change back and forth.