Image / Export differencies

I would appreciate if someone could explain if there is a technical reason for the below difference in adding a Suffix

In Export to disk … I have a choice to add a Suffix to the image file.

In Export to Application … I have no choice as DxO always add a Suffix: _OpenWith.

I doubt it as this is a user forum and I’d be surprised if there are any users with that sort of of knowledge of the inner working of PL and, sadly, DxO rarely comment at all any more on this forum. Your best bet of getting an answer is to submit it direct to DxO via this page:
Even then I’m not sure you’ll get any feedback as your question is just one of general interest, it’s not about a bug.

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Welcome back Lars

DxO have not changed the suffix since last time you asked and wished for it.
I guess they add the _openWith to differentiate an exported image for external processing with those already in the directory/folder. This to avoid overwriting any other image both pre and post editing.

Yes - PL do asks if a naming collision occurs but there’s always a risk that the user accepts a destructive action anyway.

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