Image explorer/image browser question

I am confused about something probably really simple. I’m trying to move (or to copy) edited images edited images from one folder to another. I’ve created these folders in Favorites on my Mac.
I’ve read the manual and it says:
To move an image from one folder to another: select it in Image Explorer then drag and drop it into the destination folder. A progress bar appears at the bottom of the Source Browser whenever images are moved from a source folder to a destination folder.
To copy an image from one folder into another: select it in Image Browser then drag and drop it into the destination folder. The image will be duplicated and exist in both the source and destination folders.

I guess I don’t understand the difference between the image browser and the image explorer. I think of both of them as the filmstrip that appears below a selected image either in the Photo Library or the Customize tab. But the manual is clearly differentiating. Please explain!

Move and copy images in the Photo Library module as you would in Finder.

If source and target folders are on the same volume,

  • drag and drop will move files,
  • option drag and drop will copy files.

If the two folders are on different volumes,

  • drag and drop will copy files,
  • option drag and drop will move files.

Hi platypus. Your answer is clear but something about my workflow is wrong and I’m not sure I understand what it is. Perhaps you can help:
I have a group RAW images that I’ve isolated from a much larger group and as I’ve done rough edits in PL I’ve put them in a folder on finder knowing that I have to do final edits on certain of those images and move them to a different folder so that they are all not mixed with images I won’t be using for this project.
I edit in PL and move those images to that final folder. If they are edited only in PL there is no problem.
If I edit in PL and then need to continue with a further edit in Photoshop, the RAW image returns to PL as a TIFF. I then usually add a logo. When I go and move those images to that final folder I think (not quite positive here) that one of a number of things happens: the logo is missing and has to be added again in that final folder. OR worse still, even though I am careful to select the TIFF folder to move what moves is the original, roughly edited, or completely unedited RAW image. The fully edited image simply disappears! I’ve been able to recover those by going back to my old Lightroom Catalog and starting over. None of this makes sense to me.
I’m clearly doing something that’s not right. Do you see some explanation in my description? Thanks so much! Stephanie

Oops! I misspoke. The file I thought I recovered was a nearly identical image that was the frame before the one I had been working on. The other appears to be gone forever. It’s showing as missing in Lightroom. Not in Trash and not on RAID drive.

One important thing is to not move images outside of PhotoLab. DPL manages a catalog of images it has seen, edited and where they are. If you move images outside of DPL, that information is obviously wrong, and the recipe that contains all edits is connected to a file that is not where it originally was. Therefore, the moved file will show no edits in the new folder.

When you add a logo to an image and then move that image in DPL, the logo should go along. Nevertheless, the logo will only be burnt into the image when it is exported.

Stephanie, I agree with you that the manual makes a distinction between ‘image browser’ and ‘image explorer’ but does not explain how they are different. Whilst Platypus explains how to copy and move files within PL, this is different to what the manual says. Quite confusing…