Image browsing and transformation flow: settings recording and image output


  • No central database required, except for DAM ; cache files if required are scoped to a folder. This avoids the possible corruption of a large central database.
  • The image library browser allows to see non-hidden image files: a RAW file is shown using its built-in thumbnail, DNG files in raw image format and “non-raw” partly processed Linear DNG, JPEG, TIFF, PNG, …
  • Image browser also displays transformations (image settings) in progress, not yet explicitly output to disk by the user.
  • An in-progress transformation is kept as a hidden DNG file, in a location chosen by the user.
  • The use of DNG files avoid the repetition of expensive computation such as DeepPRIME, and expensive browsing initialization. This “checkpoint” file allows for fast browsing and for quick continuation of work: work can continue with, for example, multiple saves to disk, or with further Photolab edits, or with additional processing by external apps.
  • A hidden DNG file, is kept as long as the user declares the processing “in progress”.
  • When an image is explicitly output to disk, an “output file” is created. The “edit script” for the tranformation process is archived, possibly bundled in the output file, or as an external sidecar .DOP file, or both. The traceability to the source file is recorded.
  • At any time, the checkpoint DNG file, which is normally hidden can be changed to an explicit visible file.
  • A user interface allows to manage the DNG files that can be reconstructed from the source files and their “edit script”. They can be deleted, recreated, hidden or unhidden.

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