Image Browser quirk/anomaly

As each new folder is opened in PL, the “current” image highlighted in the Image Browser defaults to the first image in the folder (Note: This is for the Win version, I understand the Mac version may highlight the last image worked on?).

However, (for sort-order by Name) there seems to be a disconnect between the image identified as being the “first image in the folder” and the order in which images are presented in the folder … depending on the naming convention of the images in the folder.


In this case, the image with filename beginning with 0/zero is identified and highlighted by default (as the “first image in the folder”) - but the Image Browser lists the images in “naïve-user” order.

Not a big deal - but it shows up an inconsistency.

John M

quickly checked this – no ‘anomaly’ here

sorting order:
_ (underscore)
0, 1, 2 … (digits)
A, b, C … (letters – regardless of small or Capital)

Perhaps try names of different lengths, prior to an underscore … As shown in my example.