Image Browser extremely slow after update 4.2

after the update 4.2 the thumbnails seem to load in a different manner in the image browse, it has become extremely slow for me that it is not enjoyable to use anymore.

Before it was quickly displaying all images and then it was generating an updated preview based on any adjustments made. After the update, I see mostly black frames, displaying “Loading, please wait”…, and only once the images are fully generated, I can see something.

I must say that I prefer the old way where I was at least able to find an image quickly. Currently I have to wait so long until I see anything at all, I wonder if something is wrong with my program?

I just took this screenshot now, after having opened the image browser for 8 minutes. It still has not loaded all images…

Hi maderafunk. It’s going to take a while to catalogue 1105 new RAW images. Try breaking it up into folders with 25-40 images each. That should speed it up considerably.

Hi rrblint, thanks, it has never been the fastest program for image browsing, but before the update, I never had a problem with that many files. I don’t recall having ever to wait that long. The difference is, that before it was always displaying the thumbnail preview of the camera in the first state. So at least I could get a quick overview. Currently I only see this black wall of loading signs… Or is my memory completely wrong?

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I’ve never tried browsing a folder that big but I know Photolab has never been very fast for browsing large folders. Lots of people use purpose-made browsers for culling then transfer to PL for editing. If you feel that something has changed since the update, perhaps you should submit a support ticket and let the team take a look at it. If it’s a bug, they’ll fix it for you. :smiley:


I am having similar issues. But like you it wasn’t an issue before. It seems to reorder them and work backwards, I see previews, but they all swap positions as they load up? I have to walk away and wait for it. Painful!

I have just updated to 4.3 and it is much much faster now! A big improvement, I think it has never been this fast before (or maybe 4.2 was just that extremely slow and I do not remember how it was before).

The speed up in performance you are seeing between PL 4.2 and 4.3 is probably due to some unrelated factor that the installation of the update corrected. PhotoLab 4.2 and 4.3 are both equally fast on my Windows 10 machine.


Unfortunately, after the update to version 4.3.3, everything became slow again, like it was with version 4.2 :frowning: . Is there any solution to this? I am afraid of updating the software, if old bugs are recurring every time I update. The state of the software is currently unusable.

In case you consider to try PL5, it seems to be quicker on my machine (less delay when reading files with lot of edits), but I don’t measure this sort of stuff. :slight_smile: