Image Browser Bug While Docked in Customize View

I’m currently using DxO Photolab 6.3.1 build 134 on Windows 10.

While the image browser is docked in Customize, every time a different image is selected the image browser glitches and scrolls all the way back to the very first image.

I first noticed this while using my desktop at home with my mouse and keyboard. It was pretty annoying but at least I could press the left of right arrows on my keyboard to go back to the previous photo or to advance to the next photo.

But I frequently cull and do some initial edits on photos while on the road using RDP to my desktop from my iPad. This bug makes editing on the go absolutely unusable since I don’t have a dedicated keyboard in front of me and have to grab the scroll bar and slide all the way back to where I was and select the next image every time I need to select a different image. I have attached a link to a screen recording showing this bug:

Hi and welcome here,

and yes, it always has been like this … not that it couldn’t different / better. :slight_smile:

( I’m on a casual keyboard )