I'm out of votes ? !?


I wanted to vote for a feature request. On the first click I got a “403 Forbidden” error message. I clicked again and this time I was told that I’m out of votes and that I should remove some of my existing votes (which I do not intend to do).

What gives ?

Unfortunately we are only given a very limited bank of votes. I don’t recall the exact number, but its only a handful. When an enhancement is added to the backlog, or closed by Svetlana for whatever reason, the votes are returned to our bank.


Hello guys,

Yep, I can only release your votes by closing the accepted requests but I can’t increase the number of votes. By the way, in your view what is an optimal number for each user?

@CaptainPO and @Jules can we do anything about it?

Thank you,
Svetlana G.

Hi Svetlana,

I can’t understand the mere idea of a limit. Just beyond me. DxO need feedback on suggested features. So, why limit the number of topics upon which we can express ourselves, especially as beta testers ? This doesn’t bring any benefit to anyone.

If it’s a forum software limitation, it’s probably easy to remove.

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Hi @sgospodarenko, I’ve been looking for a possibility to find the posts that have my vote in order to review or reprioritize my votes. How can we find these posts? I’ve looked into my forum account but did not find it…


Please have a look at my initial post. Click once on Vote and you get the 403 error. Click again and you get a message telling you that you’re out of votes. The message contains a link to your current votes. Obviously, there’s also something strange with this.



Thanks @Pieloe and @Pat91. If repeated clicking on the vote button gets it, thats at least some kind of workaround. I seem to have missed the vote button though. I was too logical: Heart = Like ≠ Vote - ah well, thanks anyway.

Hi everyone,

I’ve removed the limit of votes so you won’t ever have any problems, unless you wish to vote 10000 times :smiley:

Best regards :wink: