If you do your own printing do you print from PL or use other software to print

Hi everyone,

I’m new to PL from Capture One and have always used an old version of Photoshop to print. Reciently l bought a new camera that Capture One doesn’t support. I also migrated to a new computer and my old copy of Photoshop will no longer work so I’m looking for an easy way to continue to do my own printing. I reciently learned of Epson Print Layout and looking into using it. But I’m open to any opinions or suggestions anyone my have to offer.


Take a look at this topic:

Hi Keith
From what I understand you have to export to Print Layout from PL to print.

That is correct. You export to Application and select the Epson Print Layout program.

I moved all of my printing to Qimage Ultimate they have loads of tutorials, the program is very extensive and can work with DNG files also. The program can be setup easily to print with what ever printer you choose even multiple printers. The program is feature rich. They offer a free trial and the purchase price is $69 or so. Its well worth the effort to use it.


Hi Larry,

Thank you, I appreciate the heads up on Qimage, but I’m a fine art printer and make one image at a time on one sheet of paper so most of the features in Qimage, like gang printing would be wasted on me. However I appreciate the value it would provide wedding and coffee table book applications.


Hi Joe,

You are most welcome. I’m like you I print one image at a time and don’t batch print. What I like about the program is once you have it set up the way you like it you can print what ever amount you like. It can also use multiple ICC profiles easily and many use the program for just what you plan to use it for.



I was lucky in being introduced to Qimage when I went digital around 2002.

I used it for RAW converting but it does not do that as well as DxO.

For printing it is brilliant and well worth the cost. I used to use it for my normal prints and for proof sheets to send to clients. I have also used it to make big prints combining four A2 sheets.

The ‘founder’ Mike Chaney still supports the help forum and is rarely a day away if you have a query or get stuck.

For large fine art prints I am sure it will serve you well. I have some Sigma Merrill cameras and the prints from those are stunning!


I use the printing utility in Photolab. I had used the one on LightRoom, and thought I couldn’t live without it, but I find the utility in Photolab equal to LightRoom in usefulness and colour accuracy.