If I revisit an image can I see which Silver Efex preset was used?

Hi, I used Silver Efex with a Smart Object.

If I double-click Silver Efex it opens the filter again but I want to see which preset I used, is there a way to do this? I have found some older posts asking the same question, can I ask whether this has been addressed in the later version?

Thank you for your help.


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Hi Ian – and welcome to the user forum.

To your question … I’m still using SEP2 (Nik Collection 3, 4) and when I ‘reopen’ the file (Smart filter), I get to see a history mirroring the used settings, e.g. from a preset (the preset’s name is not shown) or my adjustments. Then I could alter the settings and continue. To repeat my settings with another pic, I’d save them as a custom preset.

With the latest version of Nik 6 some things have changed.
→ see e.g.

to get new information.