If I have PL6 do I need a stand alone Viewpoint 3?

In the past I have purchased PL5 and a stand alone Viewpoint 3 but never really understood if I need that or if Viewpoint 3 was included within PL5. I made the mistake of buying a stand alone PureRAW only to find out later I had wasted money. Always used DxO and Nik and love the platform.

Hi John,

VP3 is included in PL beu needs a licence VP3 to activate it inside PL.

Standalone version is independent, and is not required to be installed alongside PL to work there.

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Welcome to the forum, John.

From PLv6 release notes: image

These are ; image

Additionally, a VP license will add the Volume Deformation tool to PL;
That is; image - - which is worthwhile, I reckon.

I think? (but am not absolutely sure) that a VPv4 licence is required for the new Vertical/Horizontal Flip feature in PLv6.

John M

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Enter the VP license in DPL and you’ll never want or need standalone VP…except for its GUI, which is easier to see. You still need a license though.

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Thanks Pathal. So just to confirm I need an activation code which I need to purchase as Viewpoint4 to activate it within the PL6 platform?

Only if you need/want the Volume Deformation tool (also for the Flip feature, I believe) … Otherwise, refer to PLv6’s release notes;


John M

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I can’t say more than @John-M


Thanks John thats a great help. I will upgrade to PL6 for sure as I always do but I normally upgrade on day one then get annoyed when DxO give massive discounts for Black Friday so am sitting this one out to see.