If I add a RAW photo to a folder from "Photos" it coverts to a Jpeg

I have several Raw images in Photos, but unable to edit them in DXO 6. If I try to move it into a folder that DXO will recognize. It coverts it into a Jpeg. How can I make this work?

What raw format and for which camera model?


Drag & Drop causes Photos to export them as JPGs.

You can export RAW or any other file in it’s original format by “exporting” it from Photos. Select your images in “Photos”, then use the “export” menu. If you simply drag them over, Photos converts them automatically. That’s intended.

If in doubt, click on help > show all > search for “Export photos in their original format”.

Doesn’t matter. On a Mac it’s standard behaviour of the (poor substitute for Aperture) Photos.

@Losthwy , if you consider Photos.app as a manager for raw files, I’d recommend to set Photos to NOT add files to the Library, but to leave them where you put them. Doing this, all your raws can be/stay in a well organized folder structure with direct accessibility for DPL and other apps.

Raw files that you’ve already drowned in Photos can be salvaged as @JoJu wrote above. I consider Photos.app to be great for showcasing developed images (jpegs) and for sharing them nonetheless.


@Losthwy , platypus recommendation has just one drawback: No matter what you do with your RAWs in PL it won’t show you the result as long as you don’t export the result from PL and import it into Photos again. Maximum circumstances…

What you also could do might be (I haven’t checked yet, but it works with some RAW converters): There’s an “edit with” function in Photos, and as long as you never edited the chosen RAW in Photos before, chances are high you could use the other converter. After that (again, not sure about) a TIF would be generated and shown in Photos. A tiny bit less circumstances and a huge bit waste of disk-space. But that way all additional features like faces, events or reviews or some meta-tags would remain in Photos and could better be used to search.

Thanks. I wasn’t familiar with the limitations of that tool.


Photos.app has no automatic ingestion like DPL, but DPL has “export to application”, which also works with Apple Photos.app. All one has to do is select Photos.app, which will open and show those exports, once DPL has finished exporting.

Background info: Photos.app, when set to copy files into the database, renames all files and puts them into a folder structure that seems to have no relation to anything “real” like e.g. a capture date. The original filename is separated from the image file and linked to the image file in the database. If the database goes bonkers, restoring the original file names gets complicated. That is the reason for my recommendation. Moreover, Photos.app can’t hand over a raw file to DPL. You’ll have to use jpeg or tiff, which makes you choose between limited editing potential and large files. :man_shrugging:

BIG THANKS! I will look into those suggestions. It has been driving batty.

What I do: export the original someplace outside the photos library.

Edit in PL, export the JPEG/tiff/ DNG from PL

The using the “Edit With” app from the App Store, use the option to use a saved picture, selecting the exported image from PL.

This allows you to have the RAW master and edited version both managed by photos. (Revert to original /export original gets the raw back)

DXO did make a photos extension that did NR, clear view plus and a couple other things, but never was updated ti do PRiME NR. I really wish they would make PL a photos extension candidate… but the feature request has been around for a long time here and never gets any traction.

Thanks, it worth a try as well.