Identify file location in PureRAW2

Apologies for creating a new thread but I have narrowed down the advice I am requiring.

During my attempts to integrate AP2 and PureRaw2, I have inadvertently added a non working link to the drop down box.

The second Affinity Photo is a link to nowhere and I would like to remove it. It has been confirmed to me on this forum that it is not possible to delete the extra item from within PureRAW2. In an attempt to resolve the issue, I have reinstalled PureRAW2 and deleted the Appdata files but this failed to solve the problem.

There must be a file in my system that contains the drop down data is there anybody out there who knows where that file is located?

I’ve solved my problem, those drop down items can be deleted using regedit

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Do you have PureRAW2 working as a plugin to AP2?

I would really like to know how you did this.

Courtesy of Peter Budd, DPReview m4/3s forum

You must create a batch file. Use windows notepad.

Inside the batch file just put this info:

@start /b affinityphoto2.exe %1

Save the file. But Notepad will try and save with a .txt extension. when you save in Notepad there is a line where you type the filename you want to save it as, this defaults to .txt. the line underneath allows you to change the default .txt to Any File (.) choose that and then type in your file name, I would suggest something like AffintyPhoto2.bat and save the file somewhere safe - maybe in a folder called utils ( just as long as you know where it is. )

Now in PureRaw on the export dialogue chose custom export. In that field, you need to type the path and the file name. So if you saved it on your c: drive in a folder called utils you would need to type: c:\utils\AffintyPhoto2.bat

it is irrelevant where the affinity photo app actually is the batch file finds it and launches it. The %1 in the batch file tells it to get the file that has been exported from PureRaw.

You can check the batch file works first of all by double clicking the batch file in file explorer and that should launch AffinityPhoto2. There will be no photo open of course when Affinity Photo starts.


I just need to translate this to Mac, should be easy enough.

You shouldn’t need to do any such manoeuvres on a Mac. All apps are self contained bundles in the Applications folder or in whatever folder you desire to put it in.

Normally all you need to do is point at the app url - something like /Applications/DxO PhotoLab

Thanks for the info. I’m away from home this week, will try this when I’m back.