Icon in DOCK and Pop up OK Message

I have an icon set in the DOCK for DXO PR 4 already but everytime I send an image from Lightroom when returns to L/R another icon is shown in the DOCK and I cannot then send another image from L/R unless I remove that 2nd icon from the DOCK, also how do I get the shown Thank You message from popping up after every image is processed?
Thank You.

@russellsnr , are you talking about the dock that macOS usually puts at the lower edge of the screen? If so, can you add a screenshot that actually shows the issue or highlight the thing you’re talking about in the screenshot you added? Preview.app can add different things like arrows, rectangles, text and more to annotate the image.

Which version of Lightroom and macOS are you using?

As for switching off the Thank you message: Check the box pointed out by the arrow.