ICC Profiles and Camera Default choice under Color Rendering

I am recently up-grading to Photolab 4 Elite. When I did this, I am no longer able to choose a camera default under the color rendering pane. In addition, there is no manner in which I can choose a specific ICC color profile. I am working with website developer and he would prefer that the files I submit have a specific color profile. Any suggestions on how to resolve both these issues is greatly appreciated.

Good morning @hfickinger and welcome to the forum!

Well, if you update to PL4 Elite (not Essential) you should have the following palette with all the settings including ICC and DCP:


Please, double check you license and the palette and let me know the result.

Svetlana G.

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This panel does not show up. I had it before I up-dated to Elite. This is ridiculous that ‘up-grading’ to Elite removed elements I had in my software prior to the up-date.

Might you have ‘Favorite Corrections’ selected and this Palette is not one of them?

Good morning @hfickinger ,

Well, I think you do not see this palette because you are in “What’s new” workspace. So you can either switch to “Advanced” workspace or search the palette like this, or select the “Color” filter":

Please, try and let me know your result.

Svetlana G.