ICC profile when exporting to jpg?


Re: Colour space and colour profiles.

I’m a little confused about colour space and ICC profiles when I am exporting my RAW (NEF) files.

I tough ICC profile was for my monitor to display colours correctly, I didn’t think they were for saving jpg images.

I have a DCP profile for my camera; made using the x-rite colour passport.

I have set the colour rendering to this profile in the customise setting of PL2.

So that’s the profile set – all well and good.


When Exporting To Disc - jpg format.

In the Export Menu Options Window under ICC profile it is currently set to ORIGINAL.

I don’t think I have ever changed this setting.

Q1 For images I’m putting on my web photo site should I set this to sRGB?

Q2 For images I’m sending to a lab for printing (or taking to a printing machine in a local shop) should I set this also be set to sRGB (or aRGB if the Lab requests this colour space)?

Or should I just leave it at ORIGINAL?

I have my camera set to sRGB so is this what is meant by original?


Q1 you’re fine with sRGB for web
Q2 most last accept sRGB for prints, usually you can get their color profile for their printer so you can make soft proofing to make any correction if needed.

WRT your answer to Q2, are you saying that we have to soft proof outside PL2 - because the results are only made visible in the JPG output?

Soft proofing is subjective, some do it and others don’t.
PL don’t have soft proofing yet so if you need it than yes.
If you have a new printer, new type of paper, vivid colors and want your print to be exactly what you see on your screen, that’s the only way I know how to achieve it.

Thanks! I was used to having it within the much lamented Bibble.