[ICC Profile Adobe] Exported picture display highly saturated colors

Hello !

I’m coming back to photography and I don’t really understand the ICC “chain” from camera to export / web…
Right now, I’ve set my camera to use Adobe RGB profile, same for DXO.

But when I export my photo, it changes the saturation, even though it was perfectly fine inside DXO when I was working on it.

I can’t understand why, because everything seem to use the Adobe RGB profile, but in the end it’s like it’s not recognized by my screen… But if it’s really my screen, why are the colors correct on my RAW and DXO, and not on my final exported file ?

Do I need to put everything back to sRVB ? Is there something I need to do to work in Adobe flawlessly from RAW to JPEG ?

Thank you !

With which viewer do you view the exported photo?
Some viewers do not handle colors correctly.
Normally, the exported jpeg opened in DxO PL must be identical to the raw.

That is only for your out of camera jpegs. In raw it’s only a flag in exif so DxO sees original desired colorspace.

See in export window in dxo if you have selected the right export colorspace.
Options are, origin, sRGB AdobeRGB.

And is your screen capable of showing AdobeRGB?
(DxO is showing sRGB in preview if screen is sRGB capable, only workingspace is then AdobeRGB.)
I think it’s then compressed to sRGB colorspace what is showm by dxo screen preview and when exporting a jpeg in AdobeRGB colorpsace you can get clipped colors viewing on a sRGB monitor.
(depends on the viewer and screendriver.)

Yes, PhotoLab uses AdobeRGB as its internal workspace.

No - but at time of Export-to-disk you need to set your ICC profile to sRGB - - otherwise, PL will export with your original profile (AdobeRGB), which will look “wrong” on your RGB monitor.

Why? - - because, as @OXiDant/Peter advises:

John M

PS. Thanks to @platypus for “putting me straight” on this same question … quite some time ago !

I use the basic Windows 10 viewer ^^
I’ll try checking my JPEG inside DXO thanks !

The Windows viewer is known to cause problems with color spaces other than sRGB

Just for the record: the default viewer in Windows10 is called “Photos” and it’s NOT colormanaged. The old viewer is still there, and IS colormanaged. But need to reset the file associations so that your jpgs, pngs etc use the old viewer. Windows doesn’t like that, they want you to use the simplistic “Photos” app, so every once in a while they’ll reset the preferences (remember Windows is no longer a software you own, but a “service” you use, so they can mess around freely behind your back)