I will start

Just a standard picture of my hounds from farm in Australia.
Nothing flash just a photo
Kelpies if anyone is wondering

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Er, what are “Kelpies”?
Is that the breed of the dogs?

I would crop off more at the bottom:

or better yet:

Screenshot 2024-07-04 at 20.23.03

Try searching for “kelpie dog breed” in any search engine you have available and you will find thousands of answers to your question in much less time than it took you to ask him. It took me less then 10 seconds to get all the information on kelpies I would ever want. Everyone here would start to have greater respect for you if you looked up stuff yourself rather than having others do it for you.


What are your thoughts about the photo? You’re right, I never should have asked, but I suggested a possible improvement to the image. What were your thoughts, if any, as you viewed the image? Maybe I should have suggested the sensor needs cleaning, but I thought the composition was the main thing. I like the photo, but I like it even more with some of the “distractions” removed. For reasons I don’t understand, my eye wants to go to the dog in the background, but I love the way the two dogs are positioned. I assume they are “working dogs”, not “pets”, but that’s just a guess. The original image has more detail than my quick screen captures, which were only posted to show my suggestion about cropping. I like the colors, and I like the sky, with clouds, and I like the viewpoint - shooting UP at them. That makes them look more powerful.

I doubt if I have ever seen or heard of a “keylpie”. I would enjoy the photo even more if that nasty old guard-rail wasn’t in the photo, and ditto for the cab of the truck. But just the way it is makes it more “real”. …and while it has nothing to do with the photo, I would never want those dogs to be angry at me! They look like they’re the “guards”.

Just a photo to start form that’s all random selection.

Sheep dogs/cattle dogs and trusted companions.

Just to start forum off nothing more nothing less.

Just a boring dog photo.

Puppy photos from these two in a month or so

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I really liked the photo!


Kelpies are used as sheep dogs but they may also be family pets. These were taken on his farm, I presume. Having working farm dogs standing on top of what looks like a working farm truck is very appropriate and I would not crop it.

In my opinion the truck is not a distraction but an integral part of the story and tells us that these are working dogs. With most of the truck removed in your version, that would not have been clear. If I were shooting it, I would have tried to get a bit more sky over the ears of the dog in front. If you are really interested in whether kelpies make good family dogs, look it up. I did. You might be surprised by what you find.


Mark the names are “jagger” in front “Roxy” in rear.

Jagger is a smooth mover in sheep yards hence his name :grinning:

Pets never googled it and won’t but big no from me.

I’ve endeavoured to get them in full flight in yards but difficult subjects

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There is no EXIF data included in the image. What camera and lens did you use?


Apologies canon RP and 24/105 at a guess. 3 camera household RP R6ii for me and 15/35 and 24/70 now and wife R6ii 70/200L but I claim em all when storm chasing

Nice. Lots of choices is always a good thing.! The image is very sharp with good contrast.

I don’t mean to pry but since you indicated you are a farmer, and have kelpies which are known as sheep dogs, do you have a flock of sheep? I always thought that in Australia when raising live stock you would refer to your land as a station rather than a ranch or farm. Just curious.


Hey its chat side of the forum all good.

Im a mixed farmer sheep cattle wheat barley canola beans lentils etc.

Station huge low rainfall grazing properties only.

Thanks for asking…ps old age farmer “semi retired” which aint happening admit 100% struggle with some of the tech stuff of dxo but im a farmer like competition for my wheat wool animals etc etc hence i wont go to Adobe want competition.

If dxo aint supported be just 2 or 3 editing software companies.

I find it ok and easy to use. Do feel im odd one out on forum a bit but thats life.

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On second thought, I agree with Mark.

Nice looking dogs

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The two dogs are not related.
But uncommon called silver kelpies or blue kelpies.

Usually red red/tan black or black/tan

You guessed it pups in about 5 weeks expect photos :grin:

100% agree.

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