I want to see if PL is something for me as a LR user. And have a question

Hi, I’m new to PL. I just installed the trail version. I’m a LR user for now. I use LR to do some work on my photos, catalog them and give them keywords.

First thing I see when opening PL is that all the work done in LR is not visible in PL. It just shows me the RAW image. Is there a way to have PL read the XMP files that LR makes that go with the RAW files?
Otherwise I have to do all the work on my photos again in PL.
Second is cataloging, the cataloging I do is very simple and I see that I can do the same in PL as in LR.
Thirth thing is the keywords, I use that a lot. And I want do keep using that. I don’t see any keyword, but I also don’t see a way to give photos a keyword. Do I mis something, or is it something that PL doesn’t have?

I hope one of you can help me.
Regards and thanks for you time.

As a long time Lightroom user, I have not yet decided to jump off the adobe CC (create cash) train, because of the asset management functionality that is less evolved in PhotoLab than in Lightroom. Future releases of DPL might offer better functionality. It might therefore be an idea to lean back, have a cup of tea and wait.

What platypus is saying is effectively NO to your two questions. Photolab will not read your Lightroom edits or allow you to add keywords at this time.


To be honest I never understand this question: When the pictures have been edited in LR, why do you have to redo the editing in PL again? You should have a complete version already.

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I don’t know about you, but I often return to old raw images to apply different approaches as I develop a more experienced eye with changing goals, and my post processing skills improve. I also revisited a number of images I processed in Lightroom to see if I could improve upon them in PhotoLab Elite. I personally was never bothered that I could not import LR edits into PhotoLab since I found I could redevelop those same images better and much faster in PhotoLab without them,


Thanks so far, I think I have to stick to LR.

@Calle, I do edit on my photos in LR and then I leave them. I only export them if I need them for something.