I want Svetlana back in the forum

Not exactly a “Feature request” but a request nevertheless. I miss @sgospodarenko @StevenL and all the other DxO staff members who used to converse with us, help us out with useful information and correct us when we were wrong. In particular Svetlana’s posts were always cheerful, friendly, intelligent and informative. I understand that she’s been assigned “other duties” but can’t you find someone else to do these “other duties”?

I put this thread in Feature requests so everyone who agrees with me can vote. this forum was a whole lot more fun when Svetlana and all the others were an integral part of the forum. They also kept us from stumbling around in the dark with their informative posts and provided newbies with a lot of help.

I want Svetlana and the others back as active members of the forum…Am I all by myself?

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As always: “you can vote for your request” @rrblint :smile: I also think it would be very helpful to see some DxO employees here.


Absolutely agree, I also miss them!


I agree, when support denied there was a problem she looked into it and agreed there was somthing and made them sort it. It could
be she was too customer supporting for some in DXO.


@sgospodarenko is certainly still around and was to be “seen” in the recent PL6.3 Beta testing posts and closed my “bug” report that I posted on Monday which was a “bug” in my testing procedure and eyesight.

The big problem is an almost total absence of any DxO representative in the main forum topics since the release of PL6.

But to be honest they rarely steered users away from chasing “red herring” and I will choose my favourite example of letting the ‘Unwanted Virtual Copies’ topic run for 99 posts and 1 year without bringing it to a close within a couple of days and a couple of user posts!

@John7 or they are simply using her talents to support Beta testing etc… It is the almost complete absence in the main forum that is my greatest concern and Svetlana was both responsive and a conduit to others in DxO, both are essential features.


Hi Bryan. Yes I am aware of this, but…

^^^^ THIS is what I was referring to.

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Thanks for reminding me!

@rrblint We are in agreement which is good but also any replacement (and I haven’t seen one yet that performed exactly what @sgospodarenko did) needs

the former helps to make users feel that DxO “care” and the latter links the users to the “fount of all knowledge” the designers/developers/ … of PhotoLab and the related products.

While both are essential and have been present in the past, to a greater or lesser extent, there appears to be a “new normal” with respect to PL6 and its not one that I personally and you and others, it appears, feel happy about!

There have been lots of posts from newcomers to the product since the PL6 release and the “odd” bug report or two (!) and DxO should be here to help the forum members support them, I could add IMHO at that point but I don’t think its an opinion, it is a fact and the forum is less “potent” without DxO support.

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While I will vote for this because I too like Svetlana very much, she may have been moved to a more strategic position where her skills are being better used.


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I was a newbie to the old forum back in 2015 or so and I had a problem with DxO Optics Pro 9. I don’t think that I even signed up for the forum back then. Guess what: Svetlana was there way back then to help me out. As a newbie I was very impressed that a DxO staff member was there to help me out. Their presence on the forum definitely adds to the impression that DxO is a caring and customer-supporting company. This is now gone.

Yes this may be the case, but please see my post to @BHAYT above. IMO the presence of “friendly” DxO staff members on the forum gives the impression that the company cares about it’s customers. I know that you have seen the numerous recent posts, mostly by newbies stating that in their opinions “DxO doesn’t care for their customers”. I think that this “lack of concern” impression by newbies is a very important aspect of DxO’s well-being and the return of Svetlana and the others would help alleviate this problem.

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Have we considered that @sgospodarenko and @StevenL love what they are doing now?

As much as we liked their contributions in the forum, what we really want is better interaction with DxO, which is not to say that we don’t miss the two.


Exactly. That is why I voted.

I hope and wish the whole DxO team is fine and happy wherever they are whatever they do.
They might come back during the EA.

Well we don’t know anything for sure unless she feels the need to tell us about this new situation.
I assume that dxo staff is busy with to circle around , regroup and cleanup desk for the new hurdle.

I just idle and use my time for my new house😁

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When did you move? It is far from where you were before?


I am in the middle of moving.:grin:
Bought a new one just few km away.
Bigger, newer, some work to chew on.
Present one is now up for sale.


Yes, of course my request is certainly dependent upon their desire and willingness to return. I suspect that many of them do.

Congratulations on the new house Peter! Hope you don’t have too much repair work to do.


Yes - that’s why I’ve refrained from voting. I’ve certainly greatly valued Svetlana’s contributions to, and moderation of, the forum over the years - including her manner/style and reliability. Steven’s occasional contributions have been well worthwhile / insightful too. Their absence reflects a change in DxO internal policy (for reasons not clear to us) - which is what we’d actually prefer to be different.

I’d vote if the message was more general, such as; “I/we want better interaction with DxO staff

John M


You have to factor in some things.
1 i am quite handy.(my wife didn’t married me for my looks nor money…:wink:)
2 my wife did see most of her desires and wishes come true in my present house.
3 there is some dust on my tools.
4 the owner of the new house was a bit like if it not broken donlt fix it…
And they lifed there sins 1980.
5 My wife has seen alot of new things online…:persevere:

So ask me again…:joy: