Does anyone know how to get a refund for NIK 4? I am absolutely tired of waiting for customer service to respond. One month


Contact support here:

Boy - I wish it were that easy. I have sent 10 support tickets ranging from please help me get NIK 4 working because it is buggy to please refund and I will just wait it out until NIK 5 comes out. No response. Their support site crashes daily from the influx of pissed off people. I just wish they would fix the program and upload a bug free version.

Thanks for your help anyways

@Aswah, please tell us what does not work as expected and what platform you use. We might then be able to provide the things that might help you get Nik4 going.

If you gives us details like “I wanted to do X, did Y and got Z instead of X”, someone might be able to help you fix your technical issues. We cannot fix commercial issues in the forum though.

If you already posted something about it, add a link to this thread here.

There’s a lot of complaint with V4, you can check them out here:

I appreciate your response. After downloading I think a slightly modified version of NIK 4 (the file is slightly larger than the initial download) and uploading it twice it seems to be working. I appreciate your desire to help - it is sad that the company that makes the software does not respond to longstanding customers in regards to bugs and issues. Many thanks and happy weekend.

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Are you saying that your issues with the Nik Collection 4 have been resolved and you’re no longer seeking a refund?


Yes, seems so. No more crashing and white screens.

I’m glad to hear it.


i still have crashing on viveza and silver efex 3 , crash while starting. so i will ask for a refund for sure

Are you still having these crashes after updating to version 4.1?


It’s funny - in between 4 and 4.1 there was a release that was stable for me. Just as soon as I replied to DXO that all was good with 4.1 it crashed. So before I give a full answer I want to play around a bit more.

Took me three weeks, but I was using the French support. I cannot even install 4 and support was no use in offering intelligent options. I re-installed 3 and am now looking for options, maybe Topaz.

that blows - did you try 4.1? If not go back to your download page and try that.