I wanna have Excire Search in Photolab

In my Lightroom 6.x Installation I use very often the Excire Search Tool.
I think it’s easy for DXO to integrate this in Photolab?

I really hope DxO remains focused on core image processing issues like quality of rendering and performance improvements to the Contrast sliders “Correction Preview” time and does not get sidetracked into DAM hell. No matter how much DAM DxO add, it will never be enough. Excire search is a perfect example.

Your feature request is very helpful though - it illustrates clearly just how deep the DAM sinkhole goes.


I agree, it seams like every few days a new version of Photo Supreme is published, fixing bugs, new features and often changing the data base and even the XMP files (if my back up is to believed as it whats to re back them up every so often). If DxO is thinking of competing with this and/or other DAM’s they will need one hell of a lot more programmers or little cor program work will get done.

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