I thought PureRAW could work with all TIF files?

PureRAW 2 noob here. I’m trying out the 30-day trial version of PureRAW 2 - love it so far, but I was under the impression that it could process (any) TIF files?

I have a load of old TIFs which are scans of old travel photos, but PureRAW 2 doesn’t seem to accept them - I get “These images are either not supported or have already been processed in PureRAW, or the files may be corrupted” - none of which are the case.

Not a deal breaker, but: if PureRAW can’t handle all TIF files (as I was led to believe), will there be support for such files in the future?


PureRAW ONLY works on RAW files and ONLY on supported camera/lens combinations.

What led you to believe it would work on TIF files?


The good news is that PhotoLab will handle TIFF files and apparently allows for batch processing similar to what PureRAW does. I.e. anyone who owns PhotoLab definitely does not need PureRAW.

Perhaps DxO will let you crossgrade/upgrade as the cost of PhotoLab is higher than PureRAW.

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Important to note, however, that while PhotoLab handles TIFF (unlike PureRAW which doesn’t), PRIME noise reduction and some other adjustments that are applied during RAW demosaicing won’t be available when working with TIFF. It’s designed for camera RAW files, but nevertheless has great editing tools for RGB files (JPEG, TIFF).

Thanks for this…though I’m on Adobe CC so I already have LrC and Photoshop and can’t really afford another app right now.

A fistful of online DxO reviews, which allege that in addition to RAW files, DxO PureRAW can also work with TIFs and even JPGs, but only with the “lower” algorithms (i.e. you cannot use deepPRIME with them).

Why would you ever want to use PureRaw without DeepPRIME? DeepPRIME is 90+% of the reason for using PureRAW in the first place.


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I am inclined to agree; however, I’m relating what I’ve heard from several online sources, and as I have loads of travel pictures which have been scanned into TIF format I was/am interested to see if PureRAW is/will be able to work with them in the future. As I mentioned before, though, not necessarily a deal-breaker in terms of my interest in PureRAW.

PureRAW is not designed to work with TIFF files and never will be. There is no reason for it, as explained by @mwsilvers above. What you are looking for is available in Photolab 6. Please check out the free 30-day trial.