I need to remove colour artifacts - can this be done in PL7?

Is there a way in PL6 or PL7 to remove the colour artifacts (out of focus leaf) from this image?

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Maybe, depending on how patient you are. Probably have to do one at a time as the background colours are different. I’d set a separate control point for each one and use HSL to change the colour and luminance. ClearView Plus might bring back some texture. Then maybe some cloning. Good luck. PS You need to use the colour picker on the main HSL. There’s no picker for the masks, but it remembers.

Use the Global mode colour picker to determine the colour :wink:


as already said … locally

to give you a rough idea → in PL7 see VC1 _Z801488_DxO.jpg.dop (51,8 KB)

and I hope you have a raw file to work on

Thanks Wolfgang…, and yes I have several RAW files to work with. Sadly they are only crops, and not full res Z8 files.

Thank you Richard.

Nothing can replace an actual pixel editor for this type of work. GIMP is free if you don’t want to pay for Photoshop and would allow you to work on your image.

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