I need PS layers and a graduated mask

Hi everyone,
I’ve been using HSL/yellow to reduce luminance of night sky light pollution - much the same as a physical ‘light pollution’ filter - but I’d love to be able to limit it to only the area above the horizon and not affect star/planet colors. This is one of the things I need PS layers and a graduated mask to accomplish, but if PL could do the same…
I realize that this is a big ask, but please at least consider it for PL3.

Hello @johnhaley and welcome to the forum!

Thank you for the suggestion. Please, do not forget to vote for your suggestion and let’s wait other users’ feedback on that point.

Svetlana G.

Hi @johnhaley
thanks for pointing me to the term “light pollution filter” that I haven’t heard before. I checked the Rollei page and think I will order one for my next night time photo session :stars:
Some questions: Isn’t ist possible to use local adjustments, add a graduataed filter, play with temperature, tint and hue and use the HSL for the rest. I’ve not much experience with masking, but if using some masks for details maybe this will give a result.
Some days ago there was an thread about joining local adjustments and HSL wheel…would these be a solution for the problem :grinning:
I’m very interested how other users would solve the problem…is it possible for you to add an example with the excercise to play with?