I have photolab 6 elite buit im using Nick Colection trial, i also have Pure Raw 1

with that been said im also testing View point 4 and i like both trials, what you guys think its worth more Nick colecction or View point 4? or having photo lab 6 elite do i even need view point?

Hi and welcome,

If you have PL6E then you certainly don’t need PureRAW. If you have NIK 5 then Perspective EFX will mimic most of what VP4 can do.

There are a couple of caveats however:
1.) Perspective EFX only works on TIFFs or JPGs not on the original RAW file.
2.) VP4 has added some new functionality that has not been added to Perspective EFX yet(the new Reshaper tool and mirroring the image horizontally and vertically.

Also the perspective correction has been added to PL6E so that it can be used without having a VP license.

I always considered the following to be the essential DxO toolkit:

  • PhotoLab Elite edition
  • FilmPack Elite edition
  • Viewpoint

This combo lets me do all the things I need within a workflow without media breaks, without having to export intermediate files.

With the above, there is absolutely no need for PureRAW.
If you don’t need to flip images or re-shape them, you can skip ViewPoint too, specially if you don’t shoot super wide angle, which can at times profit from VP’s Volume Deformation tool.
FilmPack adds a few sliders to the contrast tool: One slider each for fine contrast for shadows, mid-tones and highlights.

How about the Nik Collection? Some love it, some need it and some don’t. Due to the fact that the Niks only handle non-raw files, the collection dies not integrate into a raw workflow, unless you make them the last step.

Note: FP and VP functionality is built into DPL, all it takes to use it are the respective licenses.


thanks for the reply,but like you said if not shothing in wide is not necessary,but most of my best lenses in all my cameras its either WIDE or ULTRA WIDE , these is why i was very impressed by VP4 in just a few clicks it fixed everything …but im pissed of at DXO i used my apple ID email to create my first account but my email its no longer accesible due to the fact that i dont remember creating a recovery key so i forgot my password and apple blocked my account at the time i had purshed photolab5 elite edition,pure raw but ive tried everything to unlock my account but no sucess so i reset to factory my iphone also my imac,macbookpro etc…started freash with a new id the problem was i forgot that i was gonna need those information saved on icloud keychain so i contact DXO and asked if they could replace the email on file to the new one , i send then proof of purshed and everything they asked still said no so since i like the software i went and purshed photolab6 elite,pure raw and downloaded VP4 and nickcollection to try and liked both