I have a Canon 90D and DXO Phololab 4 does one heck of a good job with it!

I have a 90D before that I used an 80D. Photolab just makes converting and editing RAW files of these cameras a breeze. Its a pleasure to work with it. Its not the only RAW converted/editor I have or have used but, darn it, it is the best.

Full disclosure I have all the DXO products. The Nik collection, Filmpack and Viewpoint. Plus I also bought PureRAW I have very little use for that as I prefer Photolab.

The changes DXO have made to Photolab have made a great RAW converter/editor even better.


I too have a 90D but I am perpetually disappointed by PL’s in ability to handle the greens in mages. More often than not, the greens have a yellow cast to them:


If you can showing an image of the problem would be very helpful.


maybe try
Screen Shot 05-22-21 at 06.48 PM
( and check Intensity )

have fun, Wolfgang

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If you can showing an image of the problem would be very helpful.

See the first post in the thread I linked to.


@wolfgang Been there done that got the t-shirt. Also tired numerous other options. You can mange to yellow cast but it is a pain to do so.

In contrast CR2 files from my (dinosaur) canon 400D are a breeze to process in PL


I have not had any trouble with the RAW CR3 files. However I do not use CRAW. If that is your choice than my understanding is only DPP4 actually supports CRAW.

Also you may want to set a default for your setup this would control how you want the colors to show. It all depends on which parameters you need to change.

I have not had to do any of that.

I do not use CRAW

Neither do I.

set a default

Tried that too but I’ve yet to find a satisfactory starting point.


That is a jpeg of a screen shot. The best way to understand what is going on is to have the original CR3 file so we can take a look at it. True you have put along side the PL version with others from different RAW converters. Still, I believe only the RAW file can tell us what we need to know to help.

so we can take a look at it

I’ve provided RAW files to DxO. As yet they have not been inclined to fix the problem.


Why not try the friendly colleagues on the forum instead. They are not employed by DxO and can therefore manage their time and effort independently… but they have no read access to the download server and can therefore not check out your files. Use whatever sharing our cloud platform you use to share a few files… Maybe we can help.


Maybe we can help

At the risk of sounding ungrateful, yes maybe you could help but given I’m not the only person griping about the way PL handles .CR3 files the real fix to this problem lies in the hands of DxO. Any help via the forum can only be a workaround. I’ve already got workarounds.


I have an 80D and I really like how easy it is to process Raw images in PL4, much better than the previous software I was using.

The main things I am missing are the lack of saving ratings, colour coding and keywords to xmp.
And secondly having to use other software to create a vignette and correct perspective.

Do you mean DxO’s FilmPack and ViewPoint? While it’s true that these are additional software products, the licenses (particularly the Elite licenses) add the FilmPack and ViewPoint functionality seamlessly to PhotoLab without requiring that additional software be installed. I use them as a single software product (PhotoLab 4) and fortunately haven’t had to buy any upgrades for FilmPack and ViewPoint in quite some time to keep them up-to-date. I can’t imagine PhotoLab without these extra features, though - so I appreciate your point. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Egregius,

I purchased PL4 Elite which does not include DXO Filmpack and Viewpoint. I also purchased DXO Nik Collection.

Previously used ON1 Photo Raw which did everything except I occasionally used Topaz Denoise for very high iso shots.

While I feel that PL4 offers faster better Raw processing than ON1 my workflow has become more complicated.

I’m having to use Adobe Bridge for culling, keywording and rating. I’ve only been using Bridge for a short while but actually find it to be very good.

For the occasional perspective correction in PL4 I’m having to use Nik Perspective Efex.

For vignette I’m trying to work with control point in PL4 or using big softy in ON1.

And for keylines, ON1 or Photoshop CS6.

Hopefully the next iteration of Photolab might be a more rounded product.

Hi @Stefanjan, just a side note …

If you like ‘invisible’ vignettes, try Nik → Color Efex → Darken / Lighten Center. There you have better control and ‘range’ compared to the Creative Vignetting installed with DxO’s Filmpack.

have fun, Wolfgang

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Thanks Wolfgang, great suggestion. I like the vignette created by Darken / Lighten Center. I need to play with it more. I guess I can also create a keyframe using borders and save a recipe as a starting point. It’s a shame that I can not do all of that using the raw file but it’s a good workaround.

Thanks again.