I guess I give up



Thank you for the update.

It is gratifying to know that this has finally gotten the attention of the development staff and will be fixed, even if not in the next update. In all of the years that I have been using PhotoLab (and Optics Pro before it) this is really the only serious issue that I had and I am happy to hear that it will be fixed and even happier to know that people are paying attention to users on the forum.

Thank you again.

(kettch) #42

are you from the DxO staff? If so, you need a “DxO Staff” badge, like Svetlana, otherwise it is easy to oversee important information, DxO gives us.

Yeah I had the badge but someone here decided to remove it from me! I guess I have to expect a notice of some kind, there’s something fishy here :smiley:

Edit: see, it came back already!!

(Marc) #43

That is good to hear :+1:t4:

And I am happy that problem will be solved too. Thanks.

(kettch) #44

Well, here comes the good news: this issue is finally fixed!
However, it depends on a few things, so the next version to be released will not have it, unfortunately. So that’s gonna be for the release right after the next.

Returning image to PL MAC

> this issue is finally fixed!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. I upgraded with the Black Friday sale and now I am very glad that I did. As I wrote earlier, this is the only real issue I have had with PhotoLab and Optics Pro before it, and now I can look forward to it being fixed.

> So that’s gonna be for the release right after the next

I can wait now that I know it is actually fixed. If I did not say so before, thank you!

(kettch) #46

Thanks for your continued support, and sorry it took so long :wink:


I guess I should ask if the second release will be in this major version, or if it will be in a later (ie, PL3) version.

(kettch) #48

No worries there, it’s going to be in a minor version of PL 2!

Returning image to PL MAC




I have downloaded and installed the latest update version (2.1.0, build 14) and much to my surprise it seems like PL is now picking up on changes make in Photoshop. I have been processing a series of images I took during a recent trip and I have externally edited about a dozen or so and every one of those, when saved back to the original tiff image by PS, has shown up with the PS changes.

Has the fix to correct this bug been released? If so, thank you for taking care of this issue.

(Mark) #51

Well, hopefully something was in this release other than support for new cameras. The release notes did indicate bug fixes and perhaps this was one of them.



The posting were that this fix would not be released until the 2nd update so I was not expecting it, but every image I have sent to an external editor has been recognized by PL2 when it was returned and the changes now show up, so I am happy about it. A bit surprised, but happy.


I can’t even see that update!


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(Peter) #55

please scramble your licensekey.
you know you can use two or three pc’s?
this way a stranger can use yours :thinking:

(Mark) #56

What can I say, you got an early Christmas present. :grinning:


Never did come up when checking for new updates so I downloaded it from the website. All nicely installed now. Will go see if it round trips stuff to/from Nik ok.


No change on Mac re edited images coming back from Nik. Still have to exit the folder and then return to force an update.


Thank you. My mistake. I have taken care of the issue.



I have been calling Photoshop and ViewPoint 3 and both of those editors now work. I will do some additional testing and see if other editors still show the same issue.