I don´t believe my eyes! - Have DXO finally done it? - opened up the file blocking of unknown formats before they have made a profile for them

I think I misread a new setting in References.

Well it made me try a few things. First I converted an ARW RAW from my A7 IV camera into a DNG with Adobe´s DNG Converter. Then I opened that file in my HEX Editor HxD and changed that A7 IV-file code ILCE-7M4 to ILCE-7M5. Since this is a camera that doesn´t exist yet and not the code ILCE-7M5 either I expected the new Photolab 6.3 to just kick it out - but it didn’t !!! - Håh!

So is it really the case that they silently has fixad what I and many others have asked them to do - to remove the blocking of Camera files with model codes not yet supported? I really hope so.

Here the proof:


What it seems to do now is just accepting this unsupported code as “Generic renderings” and it then creates a new “dummy rendering” with the code supplied from the file !!!

As you can see the code the Image properties shows is ILCE-7M5, as the files model code.

Can I ask some Nikon and Canon-people to test files from new still unsupported cameras??? There had to be at least some Canon-bodies, I think.

Don’t forget to upgrade to 6.3 first!

Wow, It´s getting late but I´m not that tired yet not to have seen this in action. If this really can be verified now by others, I will forgive DXO for not fixing a camera profile in half a year for A7 IV :slight_smile: