I currently use Export to Application but cannot find a way to make additional application exports

@Guenterm @asvensson

I tried all the suggestions on the link page(s) but the one I missed and have now found works for me is the batch file method as follows

To clarify how I found the process works…

I made the batch file and named and placed it in my folder of choice

Then when I opened in PL the Export Application and used the Browse to navigate to the previously created folder. Edit ~ to ensure that you can see All Files and not just .exe as the PL system demands…in the Item Selection box put an * (the good old Windows wildcard) and press enter and that will reveal All Files in righthand side window

Clicking on the .bat file adds it into the file name box

Clicking Open completed the process.

Thereafter picking the named choice in the drop-down box in the Export Application dialogue box activates the batch file which triggers a command box in the background and starts Affinity Photo 2

HTH helps others to keep trying

PS the thread where the explanatory posts can be found here

Post here

And here


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There been a further good news announcement

Extremely disappointed that this installs as an “App” and not regular software program - Page 15 - Affinity on Desktop Questions (macOS and Windows) - Affinity | Forum (serif.com)

Personally I look forward to the .msi installer method being made available, hopefully sooner rather than later :slight_smile:

As do I. There is a post (somewhere) by an Affinity staff member on the Affinity forum that says the discount launch price will run until 14 Dec. I’m hoping the MSI installer will become available before that date.

in the meantime it already works with the .bat

please see here …