I can't locate the plugins for DxO or Nik on my Mac

I’m trying to add the various DxO FilmPack 6 and Nik Collection 5 plugins to Affinity Photo 2 for Mac, however I cannot find any accurate information on where to find them.

They are not here:

  • Library>Application Support>Adobe>Plug-ins (This directory does not exist on my Mac.)
  • Applications>Adobe Photoshop 20xx>Plug-ins (My Topaz plugins are found here and load fine in Affinity Photo 2.)
  • inside the Package contents for the individual .app files

The plugins do show up in Photoshop 2023 for Mac and work fine. They’ve got to be somewhere. This shouldn’t be this hard.

[2021 M1 Max MacBook Pro 16-inch with macOS 13.1 (latest version of Ventura)]

I might not be of big help as I’m on Windows, but try this

  • open AP 2
  • go to preferences
  • go to Photoshop Plugins
  • click on open standard folder

and just copy the complete Nik collection over
Screen Shot 12-17-22 at 10.37 PM

that should be possible in MacOS too :slight_smile:

Thanks for taking the time to respond, Wolfgang. Unfortunately, this doesn’t work on macOS. There are no plugins in the Nik folder in Applications. I’ve tried pointing at it anyway but it doesn’t work.

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when you install nik, don’t let it install “adobe plugin”, that’s not working with affinity photo. create a new folder and install it in that folder. do a search here or AP forum and that’s what you’ll get.


Okay. Thanks, Mike. I guess I’ll have to reinstall. FWIW, I searched both forums but never came across that detail. I appreciate your taking the time to help.

This article was posted a while ago. It helped me make Nik work with AP.

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Mike is correct. If you do not want to create a new folder, you can install the plugins to the Affinity Photo 2 plugin folder. ~user/Library/Application Support/Affinity Photo 2/Plugins. That may make it simpler to remember when inevitable updates occur. Just to note: when you do update, you will have to uninstall the plugins before installing the new .dmg file.

Thanks for the information, Robert. Just to be clear, are you saying that I should uninstall the DxO / Nik software first before reinstalling rather than just reinstalling over the top of the existing installation? Or are you saying that every time a new DxO / Nik version comes out, I have to uninstall the plugins from Affinity before installing the update?

you don’t have to uninstall nik, just when it show install plugin and you see “adobe” click the + sign to install it elsewhere.
i did add that plugin folder in my document folder, so if any update come up, it’s easy to locate, but you can install it where evr you want.

create that folder first, then when installing nik, click the + and locate that folder, that’s it. now in AP you’ll have to set “global” and locate that folder you install nik into. done.


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Much appreciated, Mike!

In my experience, when I update NIK and run the installer, a message appears telling me I must uninstall NIK first. The same .dmg file has an uninstaller. Run that, keep your preferences, and then install to the folder of your choice.


Thank you for the clarification, Robert.

isn’t it over writing the version you already have? i’ve never uninstalled nik as far as i can remember.