I cannot invoke PureRAW 3 directly from LR Classic File/Plugin extras. I have to use File Explorer to invoke Pure RAW

Running on Windows 10. I can get Pure RAW 3 to work, but it requires a lot of extra work to synchronize with LR. I have set up PureRAW 3 as a plug in, but when I try to invoke as a plug in extra, I get error message “DXO PureRAW is not installed. Do you want to download the latest version?” Downloading again as a problem does not solve it. I am running the 30 day trial free version.

Help please. Also, does anybody know a UK support phone number?

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First, can I suggest you remove your email address from public view?

Second, there is no UK phone number for DxO. I’m not even sure there is any sort for phone number for DxO. You need to submit your request via this page:

I get exactly the same issue as you. The plugin just doesn’t work, even though Lightroom confirms it can see pureRAW. It just keeps on saying it is not installed.

I can even launch pureRAW standalone, but it just fails as a plugin.

I have raised a support case for this, but as yet have heard nothing


Maybe stupid of me, but why do want to invoke PR from LR? It should be just the other way, first PR and then LR.


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