Huelight Camera Profiles

Since PL2 supports dcp profiles I have been using the hue light camera profiles for most of my work with the Canon 1Dx and Canon EOS R. They seem to be a great starting point for development. Colors look very natural to me, as well as the base curve.

I’m in no way affiliated to them, nor do I profit from it. Just wanted to give a heads up for all that might want to try them out. The profiles are very affordable.

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I do the same for Olympus E-M1 mark II camera.

Can you post a screenshot that compares what you get with huelight and standard profiles please?

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I am not AndreasDxO but look here for some examples

It is much better then DxO’s default generic profile

I’ve been looking at what DPL and Lr put out using my camera specific dcp profiles and what I get with “no correction” settings. What I see is that differences exist and that reds and blues are more saturated and - in the case of the blues - a bit darker.

I’d rather not say that one thing is better than the other. What I can say is that one output might be more pleasing than the other at one time and that this can change depending on whatever mood I’m in or the expression I want to create. In any such case, I rarely get what I want without further pushing and pulling of sliders or bending of curves…

Note: Tested with Canon 5D3 images, your mileage may vary.

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I think that one of the 6 can have a good balance in lightness and saturation.
More blue saturation for sky is great.

I use the Adobe DCP profiles that come with Lightroom and Camera Raw. I’ve found that the “Adobe Standard” profile for my Olympus Pen-F gives me very good colour, better than any other “colour rendering” setting that I’ve tried in PhotoLab. If you have Lightroom or Photoshop, before buying the Huelight profiles try the Adobe profiles that you already have to see if they work for you.

More examples here.

John M

I can run some for you in default. Only “problem” you got “demo” writen al over it.
Forgot that v1.2 doesn’t support huelight…:roll_eyes:

awell plv3 is comming.this year…:grin:

Hi Caroline,
i setup all dcp profiles in a row named and no change other then profile after the generic profile.

DxO generic with my vibrancy on 18 as default.

number one" standard v172

two: standard+ v172

three: lowv172

four: medium v172

five: high v172

six: portrait.