Huelgoat - large format

This image was scanned from a 4" x 5" negative to a TIFF file measuring 8879px x 11090px - big enough to print to 37" x 46" without any resizing. I have been pleasantly surprised how well PL has allowed me to improve the scan, which looks fairly flat…


Absolutely NO comparison. You brought out details that were invisible, and shapes, and so much more. Compared to the top image, the lower image is very poor.

As I recall, you taught me that all the scan has to do is capture all the relevant detail, and leave it for PhotoLab to make that additional information visible.

Did you scan it with a flat bed scanner, or your camera?

What is that huge “thing” at the right, half way down, that looks like a mis-treated bathtub? :slight_smile: Are my eyes playing tricks on me? The water tells me this was a rather long exposure.

mid photo right and side, looks like a skeleton and a dog on the rock

Are you taking about this? Yes it does look like a skeleton. When viewing at a higher resolution it is just a interesting pattern on the rocks that created that illusion, but it is a little spooky when viewed at a smaller size.



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Yes, the Photolab darkroom works very, very well with scans of analog negatives - in monochrome and in color.

@Joanna , thank you for this hint. I was not aware DxO PL is strong in post-processing of bitmaps as well. Typically currently I’m using it for pure RAW files. This expands my consciousness.