Https:// seems to be down?

Looks as if there are some certificate and site problems with.

Hope it will get resolved soon.

Why do you type httpS ?


Still says page unavailable, Pascal.

When I open the online help from within PL I get to a cert warning regarding a different hosting server then the domain should be.
Accepting that cert anyway will get me to a “too many redirects”.

http or https does not matter as DXO have a rewrite rule which forces me to https anyway. Which is all by the book :slight_smile:

I do not understand.
I’ve a different behavior at home.

That works well.


This is what Safari on Mac says:

Here’s what I’m seeing (Chrome on Windows 10). For both images, see the ‘Not Secure’ notation in the URL dialog.

Got the same result as you jch2103


@CaptainPO could you, please, redirect it to a proper person?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

User guide is here:

I’ve had a number of emails with support on this, and provided screen shots for Safari, Chrome and Firefox showing the site cannot be accessed. Seems support cannot recreate the issue so they can’t fix it. However, now they know it’s widespread. I think they have not been aware of the rewrite rule, but the problem remains without the secure URL option.

Browsers are having more and more issues with pages that are not secured using HTTPS. Google is also going to start moving them down search rankings in the next year or so.

There is zero reason for a page not to use https these days. Seems that many sites simply secure the sign in page, and any payment pages and then don’t bother with the rest. The process is simple and straight forward and their really is no excuse for not doing it.