HSL tool global changes only

Hello all, I have a question regarding the HSL tool. I’m not sure if I’ve missed something but is it the case that the HSL tool only works on a global scale, ie across the whole image? Is it possible to mask it’s use? For example, I want to alter the color of the blue sky but doing so alters the color of the models blue eyes or blue dress. Or I want to alter the color of some flowers but doing so alters the color of my models lips or a car in the photo that has similar colors.


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I assume you are referring to the color wheel. It is only a global tool at the moment. This has been discussed often here and a local color wheel is in the backlog. There are, of course separate sliders in the color panel of local adjustments but they can be more difficult to use than a color wheel.



HSL is global.
You can create selective hue-ranges.
Set saturation on max desaturated to show effected area.
And luminance highest to light up the grey…

Step 1
Use pins to narrow selection as much as posible.
Use the color selectiveness slider (the third slider, forgot the name.) to see if you can narrow this down even more.
Then adjust as you like
Create a new slot to counter effect the other on either side of the first selection.
Step 4
Use controlpoint’s WB and color sliders to tackle local effected things you like to change back.

Sky is better to use controlpoints as first control.
Use M to see mask. White is higly effected dark to black nearly not.
Then HSL as more gentle tonality and color. (like WB would be used.)

We all hope that local HSL is added fast to the tool box but until that lots of workarounds are possible.

A small part of HSL is actually usable locally: vibrancy and hue (in color section).
Full HSL with selective hue ranges is indeed global only.

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Then is selective tone also partly local.
Hylights or midtone or shadow.

It’s global, hole image, in a manner that you can’t shield part of the image out the selection when you target a color.

Owh, you ment the menu in local adjustment section color. Yes and no.
Yes as in local and if used controlpoint technology, hue selective so range selective.
No as in no real freedom in changing color llke you can global.

It would be great when HSL-tool is also part of the Local Adjustment menu.
In masking with brushing and control point and line.
Then you have the hole copy invert mask thing also.
That would be evalution of a group of tools and not adding a new tool.

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Thanks for the very specific and clear answer, Lucas. It would be great if somehow the HSL could be used with local adjustment U-points. This would allow layering of HSL. Whole image masks is entirely new technology. CaptureOne is predicated on building traditional mask layers. Personally, I’m more comfortable with U-points but can see how mask layers, while complex, can be more powerful for certain global effects. The C1 HSL tool/colour wheel is a wonder even without masks. Not sure why Photolab didn’t copy what C1 is doing as the ability to adjust colour ranges is incredible and looks very natural when that is the intention.

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Hello all thanks for all that information. It’s a bit to cumbersome for me at this stage to use I think. As was suggested, once it a part of the Local Adjustment controls, it will be awesome!


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I agree - this feature would make PL4 a game-changer and so powerful