HSL tool - dark skin tones

I have a trip to Africa coming up and I am wondering how the new HSL tool works on dark/very dark skin tones. The tutorials which I found have not used dark/black skin tones. I will test it myself soon but want to shorten the learning curve.
Any experience/advice?


Hi Sigi,
I am processing some portrets with some adolescent skin issues (redisch and acne)
i made some partial presets for skin/portrets but one of the main drawbacks is saturation/vibrance of the hole image is lost and i don’t really like that.
Tried upoints but because we haven’t fine contrast in there (part of FP) it’s not working subtle.
i remember the new HSL tutorial about skin (can’t find the video but i understand it’s target)
And me now new portret procedure is:
1 SL spot weighted tool on for face detection modes slight.
2 start "repairing skin with tool for the imperfections: small brushsize; high 85% feathering and 100% opacity
3 do your further editing as you like.
4 important! when finished editing (because of tone changes due editing the selection can go “off”) then use HSL Grey out skin area by desaturation selection technique.
use the Luminance and uniformity slider to smooth out skin tone. i find Luminance pushing right much more fine tuning then saturation pushing left.
As last i use the “fine contrast” slider to smooth out some detail. (- 25 to -55)
This way i keep around the face the details and vibrance and mostly the colors punchy , except the skintone redisch color in the surrounding area in the image. So it doesn’t work always.
(If we have a smartbrush with HSL tool…:heart_eyes::heart_eyes:)

What’s your technique?

About the dark skin i think this methode can work for you.


I follow more or less the same procedure, very much in line with the video shown on portrait.
I just do not have any experience yet withbalck/very dark skintones. The color channel we have now “orange” is for caucasian skin types.

Me neither, i just started to go deeper in skintone/ detail adjustment more then just “stamping repair brush” around. so didn’t have encountered a dark skin portret in my family shooting practise (yet)

What problems can dark skin tone’s have photo technique wise?
(i remember a "black and white tutorial (i think it’s a webinar) video of dxo where a portret of an indian guy with painted white dots on his face (not native american, other side of the globe) is retouched before got tranfered in to B&W.)

  • purple glow? (HSL)
  • pigment issues small spots of "skintones? (HSL uniformity?)
  • harse shadows? (upoints?)
  • dark brown fluctuations of color tints?

Difficult to say. don’t know sorry