HSL Color Wheel and Local Adjustments

Has anyone figured out a way to apply color range HSL adjustments to only parts of an image or shield (mask) parts of the image from the adjustments? I’m working on a photo of cactus flowers and I’d like to enhance the cactus just a touch by increasing the saturation and shifting it a bit more toward green. Unfortunately the stamens of the flowers are in the same range as the cactus body and I don’t want to apply those same changes to it.

Hello, sorry not possible. It is global only.
At this moment we all hope it will be soon a part of local adjustment.

Currently the HSL Color Wheel is intended for Global adjustments only. Adding that functionality for local adjustments is on DXO’s backlog. It’s not clear when that functionality might be added. The best you can do in the meantime is use the limited abilities of the color sliders in local adjustments. Sometimes a combination of those LA color sliders with the Color Wheel gives me what I want, but its often hit or miss.

Mark .

Same range as in not to seperate at all or nearly the same?
If it is satuation local adjustment can help out to counter effect global hsl on local bases.

You know you can steepen the selection feathering?
Two straight lines are hard edged selection, curved is feathering.

And if it’s nearly the same make two selections one one side of the green one on the other. Use the second as balance color.

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So close as to be indistinguishable to my eye

I’ll play around with the two-selection idea and see if I can’t make it work.


One thing, i use full desaturation as selection filter.
You see the selected color turn grey.
Set in this case lumination in one to plus and in the other to minus.
Light grey is 1 dark grey is 2.
Uniformity turn that as much down as possible wile selecting.
After fine tuning selection set first uniformity on right place and then at last play the luminance and saturation sliders ascyou like.

This the most visible sensitivity you can achieve.

Have fun.

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