HSL/color control in local adjustments

Allow the use of HSL in local adjustments, not just overall: sometimes I just want to make a part of the image more purple, not the whole picture, or reduce yellowness in special parts.

Hello @arthography,

Thank you for the suggestion but I’m pretty sure we have already got the similar one on the forum.

Could you, please, search for it and vote?

Thank you
Svetlana G.

hi Svetlana, I just check the last 100 requests and couldn’t find this.

Okay, let me help you.

Isn’t it what you want - Local adjustments - The Hue/Saturation/Luminance (HSL) palette (with masking) ?

yep yep, mea culpa!

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Use the forum search “with local adjustments hsl” :wink:

I have voted for this. Used to this with Capture 1-20. It is a killer feature and hopefully at the top of DXO’s to-do list.

Not many photos where altering one colour in an area does not influence others. Let’s be honest virtually all colours are composed of varying amounts of RGB, so some impact on all areas is a given. Except for carefully chosen demo photos :slight_smile:

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