How to vertical crop with horizontal image on the new system

The old version had an icon on the crop option to shift to a vertical crop on a horizontal image, or visa versa. Now there is the leveling icon. I can go to unconstrained, then go to the chosen ration, but that is an extra step. I can’t find an answer on the manual page.

Which version(s) are you talking about? And which platform?

Grab a corner and move it in away that makes it switch to the other orientation. This takes a few tries first, but you’ll get it after a while.

I’ve never seen.
Take a look on


Which old version of Photolab are talking about? I am not familiar with any icon that did that. Are you referring to grabbing the handles on the corners of the images perhaps? They still are available on the most current version.


Yes, that works. Thank you. the previous method had a symbol where the leveling option now sits. Now I can do that with only one step instead of two or three. . . much appreciated. P