How to translate the forum's pages to other languages?

My default browser is Opera. I’ve tried all sorts of tools and extensions to display entire talk pages in German, but it doesn’t work. Not even with the online service Google Translate. Likewise not with all sorts of other browsers and their extensions or built-in abilities.

Only Google Chrome can directly display the whole page translated with the built-in Google Translate.

I know the simple answer would be “Learn English!” I can speak English, but given the mass of information it would often be much more pleasant if I could read all the discussions, tips and hints on one page in the original layout in my language.

Why does this not work?

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Are you sure you want this? Google knows nothing about DxO’s translations of commands and parameter descriptions. I made a rather bad experience with a googletranslated “reference manual” (sic!) fpr Nikon Z fc. The translation was useless crap, inconsistent like hell and yelled “we want to increase our benefits by unemploy professional translaters”. So, I felt inspired and highly motivated to save also money and time. And sent the camera back. Nikon’s manuals are not top notch, but cheap translations make them useless. Therefore the camera itself also becomes useless.

You can use Google Chrome if that translation feature is needed or ask the Opera devs to built something in.

If a contribution really interests me or I want to be sure not to be misunderstood, I use DeepL. I prefer European solutions like DeepL to American ones because they only see English as the main language.

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Yes, I want this and that’s the reason why I created that topic.

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That’s what Google made out of my English

Die Übersetzung war unbrauchbarer Mist, inkonsistent wie die Hölle und schrie “wir wollen unsere Gewinne erhöhen, indem wir professionelle Übersetzer arbeitslos machen”.

That’s DeepL’s result. Complete different meaning. Judge for yourself. That was my reason to ask “are you sure you want that?” There are enough misunderstandings in this world even without Google’s mistakes.

It doesn’t matter. If I want to follow a thread with 50 and more answers or get a fast overview it would help me to read it in my language: German. And DxO or who ever blocks any page translation. Whether Google or DeepL.

Interesting. I use Safari at home (and DeepL translates everything and can even insert translated text. I write something in German in the editor window of the forum, hit CTRL+C twice and can click on DeepL’s insert button. Done. In Google Chrome on Windows - not working. Need to check Opera later.

I understand that you want to have that.

I think this is a web browser problem, not a forum problem. I can translate anything in the forum to English as long as my browser (Microsoft Edge) recognizes that there is text in another language. All I have to do is right-click on the web page and select “Translate to English” in the context menu. If the page is seen by the browser as all-English, the Translate option isn’t selectable.

There is no translate item in the context menu of my Microsoft Edge. And as I wrote before I tested nearly all available browsers.
With Opera and it’s extension I can translate all other pages of forums in which I’m a member, but not this one.
And if I use the online translation from Google for websites and enter the URL of the website there, the result is an empty page. Nothing to see.
So something is blocking.

Yes, something is blocking.

In Opera without Log-In: DeepL translated your post.

In Safari, logged in: I could translate your last post but not in the editor window. Strange.

How did you use DeepL for this purpose? The online page with the big text box? An extension? Or how did you do it?

There’s an app I could download, working for Windows and Mac. If the app is running, I just mark what I like to translate and…

Es gibt eine App, die ich herunterladen kann und die für Windows und Mac funktioniert. Wenn die App läuft, markiere ich einfach, was ich übersetzen möchte und…

nach zwei mal ⌘+C oder CTRL+C steht der Text dann in einer Box, noch ein Klick auf “Einfügen In” und fertig ist der Lack.

after two ⌘+C or CTRL+C clicks, the text appears in a box, click on “Insert In” and the varnish is ready.

with my Win10/Edge ihave a context menue within the forum

an after a click on this item I see the german translation

on the right side of the URL Line you see

no idea why it works on my system, but not yours

and please check your Edge Version, because it’s only available with Edge chromium in newer versions.
My version is
Microsoft Edge
Version 102.0.1245.33 (Offizielles Build) (64-Bit)

Ok, Günter, I found it. It was hidden at a place I didn’t see it. :slight_smile:
That means, two browsers with built-in translators can show the original page in a translated version and all the rest without that (using extensions) can’t.
So I think there should something be changed. I don’t want to use another browser just for one forum. And who on this planet uses Edge …?

Nur die nachweislich Verrückten :crazy_face:

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Or the people knows that Edge isn’t IE and with chromium engine very similar to Chrome.
And like Bob Dylan sang “…For the times they are a-changin”

good bye till next months :heart_eyes:

I have modified the title of this topic because the forum isn’t blocking anything, as stated above, it’s a browser issue you were facing…(and I’m happy that you found a solution BTW).
Please note: when posting on our forum, remember that your specific need (as well as any possible solution found) might interest other users looking for the same issue. This is why it’s very important to give the thread a meaningful and “searchable-by-others” title.



StevenL, I’m afraid you are wrong. It’s not a browser problem. I can translate all other pages and forums with this browser except this one. And I did not find any solution. Only using one specific browser for one specific page or forum is no solution for me. The forum should be open for all users and browsers.
So there must be something in this forum or forum software that blocks different possibilities for translating the content. As I told you even the online site failed and I have never seen this anywhere else.


@Ralf_Brinkmann :thinking:
Isn’t this what you are looking for? If so, it works 100%…
PS/ as you can see in the GIF file, I’m not logged in, I’m browsing the forum as a casual user…

I agree with @StevenL about “meaningful title”, although often the titles are so far away from the content only few posts later that it’s also a bit of wishful thinking. :grinning:

I disagree with @Ralf_Brinkmann about “forum problem”. I used four browsers and can translate each post in each browser using DeepL. As I’ve demonstrated in my post Google translates really bad and contrary to what is said.