How to transfer DXO PL2 from old to new iMac?

Simple question. I’ll most probably buy the new iMac 2019. Using PL2 Elite on a 2013 iMac right now (also Affinity Photo and more photo programs).
Can I (after backup on external HD), clean my present iMac and install PL2 directly from this backup …or do I need a new activation code?
It has been too long ago to remember how this is done best.
Thank you for all advice!

You can copy the dxo folder from the /Library/Application Support folder to the same place on the new machine. There is a similar post elaborating this in more detail. Alternatively, you can log in to your dxo shop account and get the key for a new installation. If you have too many activations, you can get in touch with dxo support.

Thank you I’ll search for the similar post.