How to stack filters in Color Efx 5

I just upgraded to v5 and can no longer find the add filter button. I saw other threads and tried their approaches. but remain confused.

I guess it’s no longer possible to add more than 1 filter? If so the upgrade was a waste.

Hi Jon @ welcome,
you should be able to add (stack) filters, but as far as I remember (testing) it’s handling changed.

I have just searched the Nik5 PDF manual found nothing.
Maybe you have to look NIK COLLECTION 5 (Working with Presets, Meta Presets and the NIK Selective Tool) DEEP DIVE - YouTube or wait for someone owns Nik5
I’m still on Nik4

Move over the filter and Plus sign appears
Bildschirmfoto 2022-09-06 um 10.58.43


@J3rry /Wolf

You can probably only see this on a high-resolution monitor that is not set too brightly with a microscope :rofl: :star_struck:

Many thanks

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I also searched for a long time until I realised the trick and I have a high-resolution screen (iMac M1 24").

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Hi Jon,

If you hold down the Shift-Key when you select a new filter, it will be added to the stack - rather than replacing the current filter.

John M

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On Mac just the +. Also described in the webinar.

I just remembered that I have to point out that I meant the German webinar.
But also in the English one it is pointed out at 0:29 minutes.