How to speed up DxO PhotoLab 2.0.1 on Windows 10 64 bit?

How to speed up DxO PhotoLab 2.0.1?

I have i5-4590,
GTX 750 1GB,

As far as I can see, you should use a separated SSD to your System. This will Speed up loading of your photos Also the i5 is not up to date for photo processing.

I agree, the SSD will allow the applications to load a lot quicker than a hard disk
Do you have the images on the C: drive or a separate drive?

Thanks Stefan

  1. Which of these three would you recommend SSD for?
    a. DxO Photolab
    b. operating system
    c. photos

  2. What capacity SSD would you recommend?

  3. What processor in place of my i5-4590 would you recommend?

Thanks terrycym

I have the images on a separate partition of my one and only internal hard disk; I’ve one external hard disk on USB 2, which would be slower.

250gb for your c: drive then you could add a second internal drive for your data Inc images

Thanks terrycym

So you suggest an SSD, 250GB, as C. And the second internal drive for data and images — what specifications?

Depends how much data you wish to store

Using an SSD for
a. will speed up start up of PL"
b. will speed up the global System (System start, loading of every single systemfile, etc.)
c. will Speed up loading photos.

As Forum members wrote: take a 250gb for Windows, application (including PL2).
If you can install a second SSD, you may use a 500gb for your photo Archive, docs and more.
Use your elder HDD for Backup (no backup, no mercy)
If you can’t install more than one drive (i.e. Laptop), you should use a a bigger System drive than 250gb.
(Take an external Backup HDD)

One example from my side: Additional to my stronger Desktop PC, I own an old Mac Book Pro 2009.
Originally with a HDD and 4GB. A System load from complete off to login took 3 min.&30 sec.
After installing a SSD and 8GB, the System load burst up to only 33 sec and it’s still faster then in 2009.

Thanks terrycym

Thanks Stefan

33 seconds down from 3 min 30 sec is incredible